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LSJ 422 A: Immigrants, Labor, and Legality

Meeting Time: 
TTh 11:30am - 1:20pm
ART 006

Syllabus Description:

LSJ 422
"Working Immigrants, Labor and Legality" *(see note below)
TR  11:30-1:20pm
Art Building - Room 006


Faculty Info:    Carolyn Pinedo Turnovsky, Assistant Professor
Appointment:   Law, Societies and Justice Program and Department of American Ethnic Studies
Office Hrs:       Thurs, 2-4pm in A517 Padelford* (see note below)
This class looks at the relationship between work, legality and rights to examine the work experiences of immigrants in the US. We will consider the following: What are the different laws that shape the work experiences of immigrants in the U.S.? What more should we examine to better understand their experiences? What are the different rights a worker can claim in her/his place of work? How do we see claims-making? After being presented with some theoretical and conceptual perspectives about work and immigration, we will discuss the effects of law, as well as social locations, such as migrant status, race, gender, ethnicity, and nation, on labor market participation and outcomes. What does the context of work look like: type of workers, codes of conduct, workplace practices, laws (labor, criminal and immigration), location etc.? How do these shape the status of the work, the worker, and access to rights?  In what ways do we see vulnerability and power manifest in work? Our course material and meetings will concentrate on specific areas of labor: maquila/factory work in on-shore/off-shore production, street work, agricultural fieldwork, and hi-tech industry work.
*Notes:  Please do not register for this course if you completed LSJ 491 Special Topics course, Working Immigrants: Legality and Rights". LSJ 422 is a new permanent course that replaces the previously offered 491 special topics course. 

Padelford has 3 wings: A,B and C. The easiest way to find my office - A517 - is to enter Padelford via the entrance near Hall Health. This is the A wing. Take the elevator to the 5th floor and turn left when you exit. My office is to your right, just four office doors past the elevator.

LSJ 422 Syllabus_Fall 2015.pdf

Catalog Description: 
Provides sociological examination of working immigrants in the United States. Focuses on how immigration and labor legislation shape context of working, worker identity, and rights. Topics include federal and state legislation, employee classification, division of labor, skilled/unskilled, flexibility, legal status, organizing, and relationship to race and gender ideology in shaping contexts of working and rights.
GE Requirements: 
Diversity (DIV)
Individuals and Societies (I&S)
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