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Comparative Criminal Justice: The U.S. & South Africa Study Abroad Information Session

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - 3:00pm

Join Program Director Steve Herbert for an info session! 

This study abroad course will compare criminal justice institutions and practices in the United States and South Africa.  The first half of the course will take place in Seattle, and will focus on the U.S.  The second half will take place in South Africa.  In each instance, the goal will be to immerse students as much as possible, through field excursions to such places as court, jail and prison.  Instruction in Cape Town will be overseen by colleagues at the University of Cape Town.  The UW students will be co-students with their counterparts from UCT.  The course will enable students to understand criminal justice processes in an immersive fashion in each setting, and to then compare and contrast those processes from one context to the other.  

People Involved: