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Friends Board

The Friends of LSJ Board is dedicated to ensuring that the Department’s undergraduate majors are bolstered by a strong set of community supports through which they can grow, thrive, and develop paths to meaningful futures.  The Boards consists of alumni volunteers who are deeply interested in helping undergraduates work toward futures of meaning and purpose.  Meet our committed Board members:

Munish Barin, LSJ ‘12

Sound Injury Law PLLC, Owner/Principal

Tell us about your current position: I'm a trial lawyer for the people; I represent only victims and their families of individual and institutional neglect. My representation involves complex civil litigation, spanning Western and Eastern Washington state and federal courts. My current and past clients are victims of medical errors, physical and/or sexual abuse, institutional dysfunction and systemic failure, and inattentive motorists. I speak and stand up for my clients both in and out of court.

How does your LSJ education continue to influence your career? LSJ taught me many truths, namely the power and importance of choice and voice. Each day, both professionally and personally, I make the choice to use my voice to stand up for others and myself, to encourage others to do the same, and to promote positive change.

Karan Gill, LSJ ‘03

Director of Council Relations at the King County Executive's Office

Tell us about your current position: Lead council relations on priority issues under county jurisdiction such as the budget, public health, transit, human services, housing, parks and local service delivery. In addition, provide coordination and strategic direction to department leadership and staff throughout the county.

How does your LSJ education continue to influence your career? My LSJ education is the foundation of my values of being a dedicated public servant, engaged community advocate and partner for progressive change.

Falesha Johnson, LSJ ‘10

Director of Major Gifts at the Foster School of Business

Tell us about your current position: I raise financial support the UW Foster School of Business with major gifts of 100K +. These funds go to support our students academic experience, program support, scholarship and more.

How does your LSJ education continue to influence your career? My LSJ education has helped me to understand complex issues and have strong oral and written communication when soliciting gifts from my donors.

 James Louie, LSJ ‘87

 Microsoft; Director of Security, Americas

 Tell us about your current position: I am responsible for all aspects of physical security for Microsoft's Redmond HQ and all sites across North, Central, and South America. I lead our investigations/threat management, campus operations, and background screening teams which protect Microsoft's employees and visitors as well as its assets.

 How does your LSJ education continue to influence your career? My time in Society & Justice helped set my moral compass and define what it was that I truly wanted to do: help people. Whether it was as a prosecutor, as an attorney for the Federal Government, or now with Microsoft, that passion that my SoJu course work and internship ignited has carried foundationally throughout each of the roles of my career.

Anica Stieve, LSJ ‘09

Most Recently: Lead Project Manager at Center for Children & Youth Justice

Tell us about your current position:CCYJ is a local non-profit organization working to create system change in Washington's child welfare and juvenile legal systems. I spent the last seven years at this organization and managed a multi-jurisdictional violence intervention and prevention program. This was a collaborative effort in which I managed regional stakeholders and service providers working in service to young people and families across King County. I am currently searching for my next opportunity and researching graduate programs in Public Administration.

How does your LSJ education continue to influence your career? LSJ has significantly influenced my interests and career; I am engaged in local social justice work and volunteer at King County Jail in the adult education program. I continually utilize the critical thinking and analytical skills LSJ instilled in me in my personal and professional life. I ask questions with the intent to understand and am constantly researching to learn more about local, national and international issues.

Lauren Mariko Wegener, LSJ ‘04

Bradley Johnson Lawyers - Attorney at Law

Tell us about your current position: I am a private criminal defense attorney who represents the criminally accused. I represent clients accused of Driving Under the Influence, drug offenses, Murder, assault, domestic violence crimes, and vehicular crimes.

How does your LSJ education continue to influence your career? My LSJ education opened my eyes to the plight of members of our community who are contacted by law enforcement and involved in the judicial system. Understanding the difference that minority status, poverty, education, race, health, and opportunity have on people and their experiences with police, courts, and incarceration has helped shaped my philosophy as a lawyer and ability to counsel and connect with people on both sides of the law.