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Professor Angelina Godoy Doing Fieldwork in Guatemala
Professor Angelina Godoy Doing Fieldwork in Guatemala

 The Law, Societies, and Justice Department offers students a compelling interdisciplinary liberal arts education. Courses focus on the complex roles that law and legal institutions play in structuring social life. LSJ faculty are trained in many of the social sciences – anthropology, geography, political science and sociology. This allows students to view the role of law in society from a wide variety of perspectives. Beyond its interdisciplinary orientation, the LSJ Department emphasizes the importance of analyzing socio-legal dynamics in comparative perspective. Courses explore legal traditions and transformations in Europe, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, and South Africa, as well as North America.

Coursework emphasizes close reading of key texts, active classroom engagement with complex ideas, and the development of the capacity to articulate arguments in oral and written communication. In this way, LSJ courses enable students to develop the core skills of a liberal arts education, rather than to prepare for a particular professional path such as law school. LSJ alumni pursue a wide array of careers. Many work in various capacities in the legal field, but others work in business, public policy, civil rights, education, and the non-profit sector, amongst others.

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