Pay Rates for Hourly ASE Positions

Law, Societies, & Justice occasionally employs hourly academic student employees (ASEs) in the following job titles and classifications:

  • Reader/Grader – 10886 – non-teaching/research academic assistance
  • Graduate Research Student Assistant (Summer only) – 10854 – research

In both classifications, the department pays graduate student ASEs an hourly rate based on the equivalent 50% FTE rate for the student’s academic level that is in effect during the period of work. This rate is calculated by multiplying the monthly salary for a 50% FTE (schedule 1) Research Assistant by three and then dividing the product by 220.

LSJ's hourly graduate student ASE pay rates are the same as those listed in the UW Graduate School's Salary Schedule for Summer Quarter GRSAs.  They are the hourly equivalent of the schedule 1 rates under “Regular (Non-Variable Rate) TA/RA/SA Salary Schedule."