A group of 2016 LSJ Graduates

Find specific 2023 LSJ ceremony information here.

The ceremony is typically held in Kane Hall in the afternoon on the Thursday of finals week, but exact details are confirmed in April once the final exam schedule has been finalized.

In order to graduate from the University of Washington with a major in Law, Societies, and Justice, students must complete an official graduation application. Please make an appointment with an LSJ adviser to fill out this form. Students minoring in LSJ will fill out the minor graduation paperwork with their departmental adviser at the same time that they are completing the graduation paperwork for that major. LSJ minors do not need to meet with an LSJ Adviser prior to graduation. 

Application Deadlines

You should apply for graduation two or three quarters before you plan to graduate. As a general rule, when you have earned 126 credits, you should set up an appointment with the LSJ adviser to apply for graduation. If you want Graduating Senior Priority (GSP) to help in registering for you last quarters, you must apply by the GSP deadline, which is posted on the UW Academic Calendar. If you apply by the GSP deadline, you will receive two quarters of graduating senior priority for registration. Although not recommended, the last possible time to apply for graduation is by the third Friday of the quarter in which you hope to graduate.

Changing Your Graduation Date

If, once you apply to graduate, you need to change your anticipated graduation date, you must notify an adviser. The adviser will contact the Graduation Office and make the necessary arrangements.

Double Majors, Double Degrees, and Minors

If you are pursuing a double major, double degree, or minor, you should let your adviser know during your graduation appointment. A double degree (225 credits) or a double major requires two separate graduation applications, one submitted by each department. If you are completing the requirements for a double degree, double major or minor but it is not noted on the application, you will likely graduate from the University of Washington without your double major or minor. If a second major or minor is noted on the application and you then decide not to complete it, the University will assume you just haven’t completed the remaining requirements and you will be taken off the graduation list and will not graduate. Therefore, it is very important that you keep your adviser informed of any changes. If you initiate any changes after the graduation application has been submitted, your adviser will have to fill out and you will have to sign a change of major/minor form and you may also have to sign a new graduation application. All changes to graduation status must be completed by the third week of the quarter in which you hope to graduate.

If you meet the requirements for graduation and have applied to graduate, your degree will be posted on your transcript. Once a degree is posted, you cannot later add a second major or minor. Only under very special circumstances can you come back for a second bachelors degree. The University will not rescind your degree once it is posted so that you can add a second major or a minor.

The Graduation Ceremony

Spring and Summer graduates must apply for graduation by the third week of the Spring Quarter to participate in the UW Commencement Ceremony. You may go through the ceremony if you are graduating in August, if you apply for graduation by this deadline and have 15 or fewer credits left to finish your degree. Otherwise, you will need to wait until the next year’s ceremony. If you are an August graduate with credits to finish, your name will not be in the program, but will appear in the following year’s program. Students graduating in August, December, March, or June can all go through the June ceremony. In April, the Graduation Office will send you information on how to sign up for the ceremony and how to arrange for a cap and gown. Always be sure that your permanent mailing address is correct in the University database so that you will receive this mailing and any others.

The Law, Societies, & Justice Department has its own Graduation Celebration in addition to the official Commencement ceremony; graduating seniors will be notified via email on the exact date, time, and location of the Reception in April.

Note: Walking in the Commencement Ceremony or the LSJ Graduation Celebration does not indicate that all degree requirements have been fulfilled. Completion of degree requirements is determined based on a student’s Graduation Application and completion of requirements as determined by the LSJ Department, the College, and the University. If you have concerns about the status of your degree, please make an appointment to speak with an LSJ adviser.

Your Diploma

Your diploma will be sent to you three to four months after your graduation date. Your degree will be posted on your transcript about three weeks after your last quarter’s grades are submitted. Failure to submit required coursework (such that your grades will be delayed) or transcripts from another school where you may be completing the last of your requirements may result in delaying the award of your degree. To order an official transcript with the degree posting, contact the Transcript Office at (206) 543-5940, located in 225 Schmitz Hall. If your last quarter’s grades are delayed, you may not get your degree on time.