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Quad in Bloom
Quad in Bloom

Checklist for Major Requirements in Law, Societies, and Justice

This handout outlines the requirements needed to complete the LSJ major. More information about this can be found under the “Completing LSJ Major Requirements Tab” of the website.

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Checklist for Minor Requirements in Law, Societies, and Justice

This handout lists the requirements needed to finish the Law, Societies, and Justice minor. This minor is not competitive for admission. Students in good academic standing who have completed at least 45 college credits and who have already declared a UW major can add the minor by filling out a Change of Minor form at their major department advising office and turning it in to the Registration Office in Schmitz 225. Completion of the LSJ minor is monitored by the student’s major department adviser, but the LSJ adviser can answer questions about satisfying requirements and accessing courses. Students cannot petition to have outside courses count toward the minor. More information about the this is located under the “LSJ Minor” tab of the webpage.

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LSJ Approved Courses List

This form lists which classes are approved for the various subfield areas for the LSJ major and minor.

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LSJ 401 Internship Contract

LSJ majors wishing to be added to LSJ 401 must fill out the LSJ 401 Contract Form and get a letter from their internship site supervisor. LSJ advisers will add students to the 401 class once they receive the contract form. More information about this is found under the “Internship Requirement” tab of the webpage. Registration in LSJ 401 is restricted to LSJ majors only.

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LSJ Prison-Based Instruction Informational Handout

LSJ offers opportunities for its majors to engage in educational experiences alongside prisoner students inside a nearby prison. This handout provides more information about this opportunity to enroll in an LSJ departmental seminar with prisoner students inside the prison. Registration is restricted to LSJ majors only. Applications are generally due every February.

LSJ 401 Site Supervisor Evaluation

Enrolled students in LSJ 401 must submit a completed site supervisor evaluation with their final paper. Please bring this form to your internship site supervisor, and ask him/her to complete it and meet with them to disucss their evaluation. Turn in the supervisor evaluation form with your final paper and your evaluation of your internship.

LSJ 401 Student Evaluation

Students enrolled in LSJ 401 are required to complete this evaluation of their internship and include it with their final paper.

LSJ 301 or 499 Form

LSJ 301 and LSJ 499 are courses used for students who have arranged an independent internship or research project with an LSJ faculty member. In order to be registered for either of these classes, the student will have to get the signature of the faculty person who will be mentoring/administering the research project for the student. This class is for LSJ major’s only and is generally not numerically graded. Students can meet with the LSJ adviser to discuss this possibility before contacting a faculty person to supervise the project.

Pre-Autumn 2020 Major Requirements

Students admitted to the LSJ major before Autumn 2011 should consult this form to determine their graduation requirements.

Pre-Autumn 2020 Minor Requirements

Students admitted to the LSJ minor before Autumn 2011 should consult this form to determine their graduation requirements.

LSJ Graduate Certificate Application

Check all the LSJ Graduate Certificate application requirements here.

LSJ Graduate Certificate Completion Form

Fill out this form once you have completed all the LSJ Graduation Certificate requirements.