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LSJ alumni continue to have an impact on communities beyond UW. They are engaged, passionate, and service oriented. Our alumni are well connected to the department and continue to support current LSJ students in various ways. If you’re an LSJ alumni looking to get involved, contact us at to be a part of any of the opportunities below:  

Learning from Failure

This is a two-credit course focused on learning from failure. Each session consists of a presentation by LSJ alumni, each of whom describe their career trajectory, with a special focus on those key moments when failure became the foundation for a positive shift in mindset and opportunity. Through those presentations and class discussions, students will learn how to persevere in the face of obstacles, and how to develop the resilience necessary for long-term success in any career field.

LSJ Career Nights 

LSJ Alumni discuss their career trajectory, the rewards and challenges, and how they prepared for it in a panel discussion with current students. 

LSJ Gap Year Panel

LSJ alumni discuss how and why they decided to take a gap year(s) in between undergrad and grad school and how that decision impacted their future career trajectory in a panel discussion with current students. 

LSJ Day of Service 

LSJ Day of Service provides an annual opportunity for local alumni and current students to give back to theDowntown Emergency Service Center. The Day of Services occurs each year in February.

Friends of LSJ

Friends of LSJ is an alumni board focused on building a strong alumni network and providing a supportive community for students. The board provides advice to the Chair on how to better interact with alums, and how more generally to improve the Department. Additionally, the board will assist in philanthropic efforts to help provide the financial resources needed to support for LSJ students.

If you'd like to stay connected with the Law, Societies, and Justice program, join our LinkedIn group, like our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram, or join our Mailing List.

Alumni Profiles


Dakota Blagg, BA Law Societies & Justice '15, 

Senior Consultant, Privacy - Booz Allen

Tell us about your current position: I work with various federal agencies to implement privacy regulations, laws, and best practices; design better experiences to give users more control over their own data; and provide privacy training and guidance.
How does your LSJ education continue to influence your career?:In privacy, you sometimes have to get creative to find the solution! The answers vary based on context and are almost never black and white. LSJ taught me to dive into this type of ambiguity, critically examine all perspectives, arrive at balanced conclusions, and communicate effectively in each step of the process. On a topical level, because data privacy is all about protecting personal information and giving individuals more control over their data, LSJ gave me a head start with the conversations we had surrounding the Fourth Amendment, individual rights, property, and space. 

Sasha Lee, BA Law Societies & Justice '18, 

International Program Coordinator - NorthWest Student Exchange

Tell us about your current position: I oversee and manage the outbound program, which focuses on facilitating the study abroad experience for American high school students in foreign countries.
How does your LSJ education continue to influence your career?: LSJ prepared me to understand political and cultural impact at both a domestic and international level. Because of this program I continued to pursue an international-focused education, which has allowed me to be an advocate for cultural education and exchange through programs such as NWSE.

William Langevin, BA Law Societies & Justice '18, 

MPA Student - Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, UW

Tell us about your current position: I am attending the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance looking to specialize in Public Leadership and Decision Making. I intern with the City Manager's Office in the City of Sequim where I am applying my analytical and critical thinking skills to research-based projects for the City spanning across multiple departments and issue areas. 
How does your LSJ education continue to influence your career?: Through my time in LSJ, I became exposed to the expansive and seemingly never-ending questions of "why". This desire for a greater understanding of people and systems introduced me to a more interesting outlook on everyday life where I constantly feel engaged with what is around me. I am grateful for the education provided to me through the LSJ community inside and outside of the classroom as it has changed the way I think which is changing the way I lead and serve others.

Nicole Roberts, BA Law Societies & Justice '13, 

Associate - Covington & Burling LLP

Tell us about your current position: I am an associate at a large law firm in Washington, D.C., where I maintain an active advertising/consumer protection and investigations practice.
How does your LSJ education continue to influence your career?: My LSJ major introduced me to the role that law plays in society, both nationally and at the global level, which prompted my desire to apply for (and ultimately attend law school). The rigor of the coursework and the quality of my professors prepared me well for the demands of law school. During college, I had the opportunity to take a number of disability-related classes, including a special education law class with a wonderfully caring professor. What I learned int those classes inspired me to work on disability rights issues as a part of my pro bono practice at which I currently practice.

Martina Kartman, BA Law Societies & Justice '09, 

Soros Justice Fellow - Community Justice Project at Public Defender Association

Tell us about your current position: I am a Soros Justice Fellow with the Community Justice Project (CJP) at the Public Defender Association. In this role, I support community based responses to interpersonal and state violence that uphold the needs, humanity and dignity of all impacted people.
How does your LSJ education continue to influence your career?: LSJ provided me with the frameworks, tools and language to engage with complex social problems. I've gained not only the knowledge, but also the relationships, mentors and community to guide my work.

Alumni News

Picture of a three people working in a faculty office
April 2, 2020
The College of Arts and Sciences took a look into what motivated people to take certain majors in Social Sciences Departments and what they are doing after graduation.  You'll find three LSJ alums featured: Crystal Song, Jessica Niewohner, and Anica Stieve!  Check out the profiles on UW's Arts and Sciences page.
Crystal sitting on a couch at UBB
February 27, 2020
By Hunter Kulik Recent University of Washington graduate (2019) and LSJ alum Crystal Song began her journey with University Beyond Bars (UBB) when she participated in the LSJ Mixed Enrollment course in Winter 2019. As Crystal’s first experience in an incarcerated setting, she found herself moved and enlightened as the course progressed. “What set the course apart was being in that environment and talking about criminal legal reform with folks who are impacted by the system every day,” Crystal... Read more
peace corps
December 19, 2019
By Hunter Kulik Majoring in Law, Societies & Justice (LSJ) can send graduates in many compelling and even unexpected directions. For these recent alumni (2018), it sent them overseas working and volunteering with the Peace Corps. Although these LSJ graduates had many reasons for joining the Peace Corps, an organization currently employing over 7,000 volunteers across over 60 countries, it was their studies in LSJ that led to their interest in this post graduate option. Brooks Strawn... Read more
Sasha outside Smith Hall doors
December 18, 2019
By  Hunter Kulik                                                                                                           The Law, Societies & Justice (LSJ) Department is thrilled to welcome Sasha Lee, a recent LSJ graduate, to the advising team.  Following high school graduation in Irvine, California, Sasha initially attended a college in Ohio, planning to study Computational Neuroscience; however, it lacked a human interaction element that she sought. She decided to move to Washington,... Read more
June 17, 2019
Dear LSJ Alumni Community: As the school year ends, and as graduation season consumes campus, one is reminded yet again of life’s transitions.  Any such transition, for me, is always tinged with a taste of the bittersweet, as excitement about the new mingles with sadness at the passing of the old. It is with just this emotion that I compose this last letter to the LSJ alumni community in my role as chair.  As you may already know – or... Read more
Read more
June 14, 2019
On June 13th, we welcomed the newest group of students to our LSJ alumni community. This year's class radiates passion, asks tough questions, cares deeply about community, and strives for justice in all that they do. They are an amazingly accomplished group of individuals and we have no doubt they will continue to make us proud.  You can view this year's LSJ Graduation Video here.
Read more
February 14, 2019
LSJ Community Helps The Seattle Clemency Project By Emma York, LSJ Communications Student Assistant  For Paul Heer, it was easy to agree to volunteer for the Seattle Clemency Project. The LSJ alum (class of 2013) has found that working to help incarcerated people achieve freedom before their sentence expires was the perfect way to put his undergraduate background to work. “The brilliance that is at the heart of LSJ,” Heer said, “is that it shows students the interconnectedness of structures of... Read more
February 13, 2019
By Emma York, LSJ Communications Student Assistant As a culmination of efforts to build a strong alumni network and provide a supportive community for students, LSJ welcomes the valuable addition of a new alumni board -- Friends of LSJ. Department Chair and Professor Steve Herbert perceives this board to have great potential in achieving these aims. “Our principal goal in LSJ is to provide an enriched experience for our undergraduate majors,” Herbert said. “We want to transform our students... Read more
gap year 2
November 29, 2018
 By Emma York, LSJ Communications Student Assistant Four Law, Societies, and Justice alumni recently visited campus to speak to current majors about their experience taking time off from school between their undergrad and graduate studies. Their diverse pathways and wisdom helped students learn of the benefits of a gap year. “In LSJ Advising, we often talk with students about their post-graduation plans and the benefits of a gap year”, says LSJ Adviser, Kyla Mayer. “The Gap Year Panel provides... Read more
June 12, 2018
Dear LSJ Alumnus: As you likely remember, we require each LSJ major to take our internship course.  As you also likely remember, we ask each student to analyze the organization where they worked, and to reflect on what they gained from the experience. One of the most moving conclusions to any of those analyses arrived not too long ago from Shaila Bolger, one of the members of our graduating class of 2018.  She described her work at Mary’s Place, which provides shelter and other services to... Read more