UK and the Netherlands: Comparative Punishment

Seattle, Guildford, Delft
United States, England, and Netherlands

Why do rates and practices of punishments vary from country to country?  This study abroad course will address this question by looking at three countries who do punishment very differently:  the United States, England and the Netherlands.  Students will visit prisons in each location, and learn from both academics and criminal justice actors about how punishment policies and practices vary from one country to the next. 

Information Sessions (all held in Smith M261):

  • Typically held in January

Program Director:

  • Steve Herbert, UW LSJ Professor
  • Delaney Mosca, PhD student, UC Irvine and LSJ alum

Program Cost:

  • $6,285

Application deadline: 

  • January 31, 2023


  • 12, including a 2 credit Spring Prep Class
Program Status