Option for Honors in LSJ

2016-2017 LSJ Group Honors Students
2016-2017 LSJ group honors students present their report to officials at the King County Juvenile Detention Center. Access their report in the research tab.
The 2014-2015 group honors team at Convocation. Access their report under the Research tab.
2014-2015 LSJ group honors students at Convocation. Access their report in the Research tab.

University of Washington’s Undergraduate Academic Affairs offers to outstanding students the option of gaining Honors at the time of graduation. LSJ students interested in graduating with Honors have three options:

1. Interdisciplinary Honors–Requires completion of the UW honors core curriculum
2. Departmental Honors–Requires completion of LSJ departmental honors requirements
3. College Honors–Requires completion of UW Honors core curriculum and LSJ departmental honors requirements

If you are interested in graduating with Interdisciplinary Honors or College Honors, please refer to the UW Honors Program Website.

There are two Honors Options available to LSJ students to pursue departmental honors – the individualized option and the group option. The individualized option enables a student to pursue a research question in significant depth, with the assistance of a faculty mentor. This option is best for those students who wish to focus on a particular topic and who are strongly self-motivated. The group option enables a collection of students to work together to address a research question, in coordination with a local organization and with the active supervision of a faculty member. This option is best for those students who desire a greater degree of faculty involvement in the execution of research and who enjoy collaborative work. Please note that the group option will not be offered during the 2017-2018 Academic Year.

In either instance, students must have and maintain a minimum 3.5 cumulative grade point average, and must receive faculty approval to participate. In addition, students must complete a second LSJ Departmental Seminar (beyond the one already required for the major).

To pursue the individualized option, a qualified student must propose and complete a two-quarter honors thesis (5 credits each quarter), to be supervised by an LSJ faculty supervisor and a faculty reader (the reader can come from a department other than LSJ). The application form for this option is found on the Student Forms page of the LSJ website. Successful Honors Thesis proposals are often developments of topics studied in one or more LSJ classes taken previously. Relating a thesis topic to previous classes helps in getting a faculty supervisor for the project, but it also means that a student is more likely to have read some of the foundational academic materials related to the topic.

Pursuit of the group option requires approval of the faculty member teaching the course. This course is also a two-quarter sequence, typically fall and winter quarters. LSJ majors can expect announcements about the course focus in the prior spring quarter, and an explanation of how to apply to participate. Please note that the group option will not be offered during the 2017-2018 Academic Year.

The Honors Option in LSJ may be posted independently of College Honors on a student’s transcript.