Online Teaching Resources for Faculty, Instructors and TAs

The University of Washington transitioned to an online education model in light of COVID-19. Classes and instruction are currently being offered remotely throughout spring and summer quarters. The LSJ Department is providing the following resources and guidance to support remote education.

This page will be updated regularly with resources and recommendations for teaching online and supporting your students during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Resources for Faculty/Instructors/TAs

Please refer to the UW Center for Teaching & Learning's website for further resources and helpful links.

Please refer to the College of Arts & Sciences website for COVID-19 resources and updates.

UW-IT is also an excellent resource for learning the basics of Canvas, Panopto, Zoom, and other teaching technologies. Sign up for UW-IT's Teaching Technologies Workshops or office hours or read their helpful guide on conducting classes online.


Online Exam Proctoring

The UW Center for Teaching and Learning has provided this helpful discussion of quizzes, exams, and alternatives.

Please contact with any questions


Interactive Play Activities via Zoom

  • Self Portrait Collage (on whiteboard mode: Share Screen > Whiteboard).

Use the line tool to create a large grid on the whiteboard with enough squares for all viewers, then use the text tool to write "Portrait of Myself as a Successful X in 10 Years." Anyone on a computer can share emojis through the text tool, or anyone on mobile or desktop can use the pen to draw themselves. If it gets out of hand, you can use the "Clear Viewers' Drawings" and keep your grid intact.

  • Chat Storm (using whiteboard and group chat - make sure viewers can see each others' chat in your browser Zoom settings).

Write a humorous prompt on the whiteboard using the text tool and direct viewers to discuss/contribute in a group chat. You then respond on video to your favorite chats. Prompts can be:

Worst COVID-19 products/service

Things people complain about during quarantine

Terrible gift ideas for quarantine

URLs you wish you'd bought before the coronavirus

The best play activities are the ones thematically connected to the event, but even disconnected play can have a beneficial effect for many people. (Note: not all will enjoy this, some want to see the outcome from the beginning and have may have a hard time playing unless they're assured there's a point. Themed play reinforces their sense of security.)


Canvas Resources

Adviser Resources

UW Registrar Teaching FAQs

UW Privacy Office

UW Novel Coronavirus Information

Wellness Resources

Childcare during COVID-19