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People - Faculty

Department Chair, Professor, LSJ/Sociology / (206) 543-4461
Office Hours: Wednesdays 1pm-3pm and by appointment
Smith M260
Associate Professor, Political Science; LSJ
Office Hours: By appointment only
Gowen 37
LSJ Professor Ann Frost
Assistant Teaching Professor, LSJ/ Sociology / 206-543-9644
Office Hours: Thursdays 9:30am-11:30am
Savery 236
Professor, LSJ/International Studies; Helen H. Jackson Chair in Human Rights; Director, Center for Human Rights / (206) 616-3585
Office Hours: By appointment
Professor Steve Herbert
Mark Torrance Professor, LSJ / (206) 685-2621
Office Hours: Tuesdays 12noon - 2pm and by appointment
Smith M258
Dean, Social Sciences Division, College of Arts & Sciences; Professor, Political Science; Adjunct, LSJ / (206) 543-8144
Office Hours: By appointment only
Gowen 114
Professor, Political Science; LSJ / (206) 543-4717
Office Hours: By appointment
Gowen 35
Professor, Political Science; LSJ
Gordon Hirabayashi Professor for the Advancement of Citizenship / (206) 543-2377
Office Hours: By appointment only
Gowen 47
Associate Professor, LSJ/International Studies
Office Hours: Wednesdays 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Smith 113B
Professor, LSJ; Director, University of Washington Middle East Center / (206) 543-1102
Office Hours: By appointment
Smith M256