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CLASS Graduate Fellows Program Description

CLASS offers an interdisciplinary certificate program that enables qualified students to earn a certificate in socio-legal studies as they pursue their doctorate. PhD students from the social sciences, Evans School, and Law School are eligible to apply to the certificate program. PhD students who are accepted into the certificate program will be designated CLASS Fellows, and will be eligible to receive upon graduation a certificate designating completion of an independent interdisciplinary law and society program.

Acceptance into the CLASS certificate program offers many benefits. The CLASS Center provides a network of faculty, classes, and financial resources to CLASS Fellows. The academic work for this program will be coordinated with and integrated into ongoing disciplinary academic work of students. CLASS Fellows will also enjoy:

  • Invitations to all CLASS-sponsored events, including workshares, talks and colloquia;
  • The opportunity to present their own work in the workshare series;
  • Opportunities to broaden their academic networks by developing working relationships with and connections to the interdisciplinary CLASS faculty; and
  • Special consideration for LSJ T.A. and R.A. assignments.