CLASS Program Requirements & Admissions

CLASS Grad Fellows Program Requirements

  • GPA: Students must maintain a 3.5 or better.
  • Courses: Students must complete at least three CLASS-approved graduate courses to earn a CLASS certificate. Currently, CLASS approved graduate courses include any course taught by a CLASS faculty member and JSIS 599 (Law, Rights & Governance).

Specifically, CLASS Fellows must complete:

1)      The LSJ/CLASS “core course” (Political Science 561 (Law & Politics) or LSJ 501);

2)      Any other CLASS-approved graduate course that is offered outside of your home department; and

3)      Any other CLASS-approved graduate course.

A list of CLASS-approved courses taught each year will be posted as soon as possible. For a list of CLASS approved graduate courses taught during the 2018-2019 school year, click here. Independent study courses cannot be substituted for any of these three courses.

Note: If students are unable to complete a CLASS course taught outside their home unit, but have otherwise taken three CLASS-approved courses, they may petition the CLASS Director for permission to waive the “out of department” requirement. To support such a petition, students should write a letter to the CLASS Director that explains: a) Why they were unable to take CLASS approved course outside of their home department; and b) how the in-department courses taken to satisfy the CLASS requirements included substantial inter-disciplinary content. A copy of the course syllabi should accompany such petitions.

Alternatively, if CLASS Fellows identify a third course that is not a CLASS-approved course but has substantial socio-legal content, they may petition for approval to count the course toward the three course requirement. To support such a petition, students should write a letter to the CLASS Director that identifies the socio-legal and inter-disciplinary content of the proposed alternative course. A copy of the course syllabus should accompany such petitions.

Please be aware that per Graduate School Memo #43, the overlap of coursework applied towards your CLASS certificate and your Ph.D. must not exceed 6 credits and is limited to elective coursework in each program. 

Analytic Paper: Students will also satisfy the “capstone” requirement by developing an analytic paper that engages the law and society tradition.  This paper must be presented at a relevant national conference (e.g. Law & Society Association) or in a CLASS/LSJ Workshare.

Application Process

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  Students usually apply for the program in their first or second year of their PhD program.  The application materials include the following:

  1. Application Form: Access the application form from the submission dropbox linked below, fill it out, and upload it to the dropbox. The PDF version of the application form is also linked to this page.
  2. Statement of Intent: This is a written explanation of the applicant’s interest in law and society studies. This statement will include a description of: a) how LSJ courses will complement/supplement course work in the home unit, and b) how the applicant’s research interests/agenda relates to and intersects with the law and society field. This statement is limited to 1 page. Upload this to the submission dropbox linked below.
  3. Unofficial Transcript: A recent graduate transcript indicating that the applicants’ cumulative UW GPA is 3.5 or higher. Upload this to the submission dropbox linked below.

Submission Procedure: Access the Application form at the submission dropbox here: Be sure to upload all three of the items listed above to the submission dropbox.

Completion Process 

CLASS Certificate Completion Form: Upon completion of these requirements, the student must complete and submit the CLASS Certificate Completion Form, which can be downloaded from the submission dropbox. The student must upload the Completion Form and a current transcript to the submission dropbox, which can all be accessed here:

Refer any questions to Professor Katherine Beckett, CLASS Center Director:

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