Thanks to our donors!

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The Law, Societies, and Justice Program graciously thanks the following donors for their generous financial support:

Allen D. James Insurance Agency

Helen M. Anderson

Louise C. Berman

Yashina Burns

Elizabeth A. Chan

Jeffrey N. Gaylard

Sara L. Goering

Sharon L. Grant

Douglas E. Haas

Nicholas Halmi

Jody L.E. Jacobsen

Allen D. James

Sara Evelyn King

Ashley S. Kolberg


Chun Jong June Liu

Braden E. McRae

Diane C. Moore

New York Life Insurance Co.

Maria K. Quennet

Bryan W. Russell

Todd S. Simonton

Amanda R. Stach

Thomas J. Stieve

Andres D. Sulla

John S. Thomas

Liesbeth Vanderwal

Terry L. Vismantas

Katie B. Waldron

Mark Weitzenkamp

Camile R. Winters

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