LSJ Student Addresses Political Issues in Sudan

Outside of being a student, Sudanese native Abdelraziq Adam works with small organizations to try to address the human rights and political issues in his home country. He believes that the events happening in Sudan are very important because events there affect everyone and not just the Sudanese.

“It is important for students to know [about Sudan] because we are global citizens,” said Adam, a Law, Societies and Justice and accounting major.

He explains that war is a reoccurring theme for Sudan. In the South, there has been a war for over 22 years and that ended about five years ago. However, even before that war was over, another war reappeared. As a result, the nation has been left without proper resources or transportation.

Currently, Adam has been working with other Darfur communities in Washington D.C. and together, they have been trying to develop new documents that will help people in Darfur reach a compromise between the government and active opposition. Adam has also been working to create a constitution for the Darfur region because he believes that a constitution is the first step in creating stability.

“A constitution is very important because it’s a plan for this region so in order to diffuse the conflict between federal and local governments, it’s important to say this is what we want to have,” said Adam.

Adam first thought of the idea of creating a constitution during the LSJ study abroad in Rome. He explained that the Lisbon Treaty — which is the official European constitution — appealed to him.

The constitution will address the basic structure of a government for the Darfur region. For Adam, it is important that the constitution includes individual voting rights, security and also an opportunity for regional leaders to allow citizens to elect a representative. He would like to establish a constitution that incorporates western ideas but is also compatible with cultural values.

Adam hopes to finish the draft for the constitution within a year but he says that it will be up to the Sudanese, especially people from the Darfur region, to implement the constitution.

He believes that it is important for students to get involved because they might be able to come up with new ideas to solve these problems.

“Law, Societies and Justice is a vital program and it’s very useful because the courses they teach encourage real world leaders and teach new strategies that consist of politics, law, economics and human rights,” said Adam. “It’s important to me because what I learn in it will help me apply it in the real world.”

Adam said that the cases and different constitutions that he has looked at in class have helped him develop many of the ideas in his constitution. He would like students to get involved and continue with the work that he has been doing.

“The problem is not going to be solved quickly because there are other wars happening [around that region] and they are all connected,” said Adam. “In order to have a comprehensive solution for Sudan, all of the other region’s problems need to be addressed, too.”

This article was composed by Charlotte Anthony.