Jill Anderson

Jill Anderson graduated from the Law, Societies, and Justice program in the spring of 2008. Also a Spanish major, Jill’s favorite LSJ class was “Human Rights in Latin America” with Professor Godoy. She also enjoyed the series of classes on Disability Rights taught by Sherri Brown. After graduation, Jill worked as a contractor for Philips Healthcare (part of Royal Philips Electroncs). She then joined the company as a business analyst in the global supply chain helping achieve business results for international customers. She left Philips and now works Starbucks Coffee Company, managing Evolution Fresh and coffee product promotions. Her job is not necessarily based in a law field, but she spends time giving back to the community supporting such groups as “Girls on the Run Puget Sound”.

If you would like to contact Jill, please reach out to her via LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/pub/jill-anderson/21/133/830/