Letter from the Alumni Outreach committee

Greetings fellow LSJ and SoJu Alumni!

Last October, as many of us came together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Law, Societies, and Justice program at the University of Washington, director Steve Herbert discussed something he called the “LSJ vibe;” a communal interest in the ways that law and diverse concepts of justice shape our society, and a shared desire to create positive change in our community.This energy permeates each class, each faculty member, each student, and it lives on in the program’s alumni. It was this “LSJ vibe” that brought us together last fall, and it was this vibe that compelled a group of alumni to recently create the LSJ Alumni Outreach Committee.

What does the Alumni Outreach Committee do? In the months since its inception, the Committee has organized two service events in the Seattle area, created an Alumni page on the LSJ website where graduates can connect with fellow alumni, and most recently, hosted a panel discussion on medical marijuana that featured state and local legislators, attorneys, and advocates.In addition to more service events and an annual fall mixer for LSJ and SoJu alumni, the Committee seeks to expand its mentoring efforts by providing current students with the opportunity to connect with alumni and discuss future career options and endeavors.

As treasured alumni, we invite you to get involved with the Outreach Committee and reconnect with the program. Please visit our Alumni page on the LSJ website, add your information to the Alumni Directory, and join our Google Group at uwlsjalumni@googlegroups.com to receive notifications and invitations to events.

We are also looking for alumni who are willing to share their post-graduation life and accomplishments with current students through the Alumni Profiles page on our website. If you would like to contribute your Profile, please email the Committee at lsjuwalumni@gmail.com. We welcome all alumni to join the Outreach Committee and help us as we plan future events and seek out mentoring opportunities. If you would like to connect or get more information, send us an email at lsjuwalumni@gmail.com.

We hope you have a wonderful summer! Please keep your eyes and ears open for an invitation to our social event in the fall!


Martina Kartman & Leslie Berkseth