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LSJ community gathers for spring Day of Service

Submitted by Katelyn May Clark on April 29, 2015 - 11:18pm

A hard-working group of current LSJ majors, alumni, faculty, and staff gathered at ROOTS Young Adult Shelter on Saturday the 25th for the Spring Day of Service.

As they cleaned and prepared the shelter for the night, several students and alumni explained the importance of LSJ’s days of service to them.

Candace Vig, class of 2006, said she enjoys volunteering with LSJ in particular because it gives her true insight into what is going on in her community.

“I work in the U-District and in the mornings I see so many youth sleeping in doorways or on the patio at Chipotle, and every time I just wonder how can there be this many homeless kids around here?” Vig said. “It was good to hear what this program does, what their resources are, and what their needs are.”

ROOTS, which is connected to the University Temple United Methodist Church just off the Ave, was founded in 2000. It has 45 beds for young adults aged 18-25 and offers various services seven days per week, such as showers, clothing, and hot meals.  

Chelsea Toby, class of 2006, said the various LSJ service events she has participated in over the years have exposed her to many of the problems in her community. 

“We learn that we play a big role in how all the members of the community thrive,” Toby said. “I feel like it's our responsibility as people who are lucky enough to not be homeless or be involved in the criminal justice system to give some of our time to help those who need our services.”

Caitilyn Foster, a senior LSJ major said she liked volunteering at ROOTS specifically because they cater to people her age.

“It’s really important and it’s a really noble cause,” Foster said.

LSJ Director Steve Herbert finds the Days of Services to be effective ways to build community within the Program, and especially likes how current students have an opportunity to interact with alumni.

“On Saturday, we had the first major ever in Society and Justice, from the class of 1973,” he said.  “It was terrific to see him working alongside current students in the program, and to see everyone assisting an organization like ROOTS which seeks to assist the most disadvantaged members of the University District community.  These types of experiences exemplify the best of LSJ.”

By Kate Clark | Student Communications Assistant 

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