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LSJ seniors land jobs and internships

Submitted by Katelyn May Clark on June 8, 2015 - 3:05pm

As the year comes to a close and our LSJ seniors finish up their last finals, they begin to prepare for the real world. For some of them, this means law school, for others, jobs within their desired field, and for a few more, their dream internship.

Three graduating seniors, Kate Sibley, Bryce Ellis, and Ruby Galen, are among numerous LSJ students who have great opportunitiess lined up. Sibley will be moving down to Portland to work as an Associate Vice President in the Institutional Group at Fisher Investments. Ellis will be moving to Montgomery, Alabama for a summer internship with the Equal Justice Initiative and then to Indianapolis, Indiana to work as a field executive for Theta Chi Fraternity. Finally, Galen will be turning her former internship at the U.S. attorney’s office into a full time position.

All of them agree LSJ played a critical role in their journey toward success.

Galen said LSJ taught her to think critically. Sibley said LSJ encouraged her to explore new learning options. And for Ellis, LSJ provided him with the curriculum and experiences that set him on the course of considering a career path in criminal justice.

“From the mixed-enrollment class at the Washington State Reformatory to the LSJ group honors thesis focused on life without parole sentences in Washington State, this major has shaped how I think about our justice system in powerful ways,” Ellis said. “Simultaneously exposing me to the humanity of a system, which often appears recklessly devoid of humanity. Without LSJ I have no doubt I would be on a much different career path, a troubling thought given the passion I have found pursuing this work.”

Similarly, Sibley also said LSJ gave her the courage, drive, and endless curiosity that led her to her job with Fisher Investments.

“I’ve had the most memorable time here in Seattle and at UW over these past four years, but I’m ready for a change,” Sibley said. “However, this is also one aspect of my new job that I’m nervous about; I’ve been studying law and political science for the past four years, yet I’m jumping head first into the business sector with very little experience.”

Galen also emphasized her excitement for change. She said she is a little nervous for adjusting to the full time work schedule, but is ready to enjoy free nights and weekends. Ellis said he is excited for his move and to enjoy an entirely different place with its own unique, important history and culture.

“The potential for personal growth within an experience like this is incredibly exciting,” Ellis said. “I look forward to the chance to increase the impact and work I have done within the criminal justice system. Mass incarceration has reached epidemic levels in America today and the work necessary to begin healing deeply carved wounds throughout the fabric of American society is abundant. I cannot wait to continue this work.”

Sibley is likewise continuing work she is passionate about. After completing Fisher Investment’s summer program she was offered a job because of her stellar performance.

“I chose to accept this offer because this position has already given me so much opportunity to learn about a subject that I had never previously known anything about,” Sibley said. “I loved taking the economics series at UW, but never had time to take more courses in this subject matter, so I’m excited to pursue my interests that are outside of LSJ. At this point in my life, I’m not ready to commit to three years of law school, so I chose another career path that still sparks my interest and also gives me to the opportunity to keep learning even outside of formal schooling.”

Ellis, Galen, and Sibley each offered undergraduates a piece of advice. Ellis says you should be strategic and try to think outside the box when it comes to searching for jobs and internships. Galen said to take advantage of all internship opportunities because they can indeed lead to jos, and Sibley said to explore.

“I wouldn’t have received this job offer if I hadn’t worked extremely hard at my previous summer internships with Fisher Investments,” Sibley said. “During my time at UW I worked both paid and unpaid internships, legal and business internships, and I often spent hours on buses each week commuting to these jobs. But all of this time, commitment, and hard work led to a job offer that I was so incredibly lucky to be offered and excited to accept - this made all those extra hours of interning worthwhile. Take any internship opportunity that may come your way, because you never know where it might lead!”


By Kate Clark | Student Communications Assistant 


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