’97 Alumna Hires 2014 Graduate 

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'97 SoJu LSJ alumna Jen Creighton hires 2014 LSJ graduate Devin Pearsall

The passage of time does not lessen the value of an education in Law, Societies, and Justice.  Unsurprisingly, the same holds true for LSJ’s predecessor program, Society and Justice.

Back In 1997, LSJ was Society and Justice, or SoJu, as it was commonly called.  Jennifer Creighton was an ambitious SoJu student who was graduated that year and was ready to take on the world. Now, 18 years later, she works as a Senior Project Manager in one of the fastest growing companies in the Puget Sound Region, Venture General Contracting.

Looking back she reflects, “When I graduated from the Society and Justice program in 1997, I started my career with a solid foundation of communication skills, analytical reasoning, and the ability to effectively work with a very diverse group of people.”

Her strengths sound a lot like those of 2014 LSJ alumna Devin Pearsall, who was recently hired by Creighton at Venture as a project coordinator.

“I knew immediately during our interview that she had all of the skills necessary to be a future leader in our company and in the industry because of her experience in the LSJ program,” says Creighton. She reflects on her own experience as a SoJu alumna saying, “While the company is very technically focused in construction and engineering, I have found that my communication skills and ability to work with the diverse population of construction workers and executives alike, has set me apart in the industry.”

Creighton sees the same unique skills in Pearsall, and says she owes a big thanks to the Society and Justice program for providing her with the fundamentals to be successful in her career.

In LSJ, Pearsall focused on human rights in Latin America, learning Spanish, and especially loved the courses she took from Professor Angelina Godoy.  Creighton noted that Pearsall mentioned her study abroad experience in Argentina, something that stood out to her as an example of adaptability in unfamiliar settings and potentially stressful situations. This experience of learning resourcefulness translates directly to working in construction.

As far as working in construction, Pearsall says it isn’t what she would have imagined herself doing a few years ago, but sees her work as an excellent challenge and an invaluable opportunity for professional development.  Pearsall is grateful that her supervisor is like-minded regarding social justice and especially feels supported as a woman in a male-dominated industry. She is excited for the incredible opportunity to grow in her position.

Creighton says she is enjoying the opportunity to hire and mentor other recent graduates from the LSJ program. “Since joining Venture, Devin has proven herself to be a valuable member of our team.” 

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