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LSJ's Newest Student Advisory Council

Submitted by Kat Eli on November 16, 2020 - 2:54pm
lsj advisory council
2020 LSJ Student Advisory Council

By Katie Pattenaude, LSJ Student Communications Assistant

Give a warm welcome to the newest LSJ Student Advisory Council!

This year’s council, consisting of 6 members, will be serving the LSJ Department for the 2020-2021 academic school year. 

Despite this academic year being largely virtual, the Student Advisory Council is eager to connect with the student body and accomplish their goals. Above all, the Council hopes to support incoming LSJ students, strengthen the LSJ student community, and continue the anti-racism efforts LSJ students put forth in Town Hall meetings this summer.

Kelsey Kinoshita, Campus and Community Engagement Officer for the Council, says she joined to help connect the LSJ community during this challenging year. 

“During the ongoing pandemic, the ability to virtually share and exchange ideas on relevant topics is imperative if we are going to push for growth in our communities,” Kelsey said. 

As one of the students who participated in the LSJ Town Halls this summer, Kelsey is dedicated to seeing the Department’s commitment to becoming more equitable and anti-racist come to fruition. 

“I wanted to have a hand in supporting the Department in continuing to evolve and progress, and being on the Council is a meaningful opportunity to create lasting change,” she expressed. 

In terms of anti-racism efforts, Anusha Nasrulai, Chair of the Council, says the student group is in the process of developing a mentoring program with the intention of supporting first-generation students as well as other students from underserved backgrounds.

Additionally, being included in faculty meetings, such as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee discussions, enables the Council to provide representation and insight from the student body on DEI anti-racist initiatives. 

Fatima Alfaro, Events Officer, hopes that the Council’s initiatives will help the LSJ Department create a more inclusive community. 

“We desperately lack the voice of students of color. Thus, I joined the LSJ Advisory Council to give students like myself a platform to speak on topics that we shy away from,” Fatima said. 

As one of the Events Officers for the Council, Fatima plans to coordinate new panels and workshops as well as implement a safe space to talk over incidents that happen on campus.  

“All in all, I am most excited to get to know the LSJ staff better, my Council peers better, and get the news that more and more people are interested in the LSJ major,” Fatima said. “I want us to be recognized as an empathetic and well-informed field.” 

Be sure to keep an eye out for updates on the LSJ Student Advisory Council’s newest events and programs!

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