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Outside of being a student, Sudanese native Abdelraziq Adam works with small organizations to try to address the human rights and political issues in his home country. He believes that the events happening in Sudan are very important because events there affect everyone and not just the Sudanese.
Leslie Berkseth first heard about the LSJ Rome program when she was a freshman at the University of Washington. Since then, she has taken beginning Italian classes to prepare for the trip. On the trip, students gain a better understanding of how Italians view their legal system and how the greater European Union system operates.
Last year, Jennifer Caldwell, a Law, Societies and Justice alumnus who was an active member in human rights work and advocating for fair trade and women’s rights passed away in a car accident.
The Law, Societies, and Justice Program graciously thanks the following donors for their generous financial support: Allen D. James Insurance Agency Helen M. Anderson Louise C. Berman Yashina Burns Elizabeth A. Chan Jeffrey N. Gaylard Sara L. Goering Sharon L. Grant
Professor Katherine Beckett and Professor Steve Herbert were recently featured in the College of Arts & Sciences newsletter, “A&S Perspectives,” for their recent publication of Banished: The New Social Control in Urban America:
The work of establishing a new academic program is daunting, to say the least. It requires much work to champion the idea with university administrators, to hire new faculty, to coordinate new curriculum, and to oversee countless other tasks. It is not surprising that it happens fairly rarely.