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February 13, 2019
By Emma York, LSJ Communications Student Assistant As a culmination of efforts to build a strong alumni network and provide a supportive community for students, LSJ welcomes the valuable addition of a new alumni board -- Friends of LSJ. Department Chair and Professor Steve Herbert perceives this board to have great potential in achieving these aims. “Our principal goal in LSJ is to provide an enriched experience for our undergraduate majors,” Herbert said. “We want to transform our students... Read more
December 12, 2018
By Emma York, LSJ Communications Student Assistant Every student majoring in Law, Societies, and Justice is required to complete a 100-hour internship.  Yet for those students who fall in love with the organization where they intern, the 100 hours are sometimes not quite enough. In fact, LSJ had long hoped to find a way to help students stay on at their internship site.  Now, a new endowment will achieve precisely that goal. It will also help honor the memory of the ambitious Edward Garcia.... Read more
gap year 2
November 29, 2018
 By Emma York, LSJ Communications Student Assistant Four Law, Societies, and Justice alumni recently visited campus to speak to current majors about their experience taking time off from school between their undergrad and graduate studies. Their diverse pathways and wisdom helped students learn of the benefits of a gap year. “In LSJ Advising, we often talk with students about their post-graduation plans and the benefits of a gap year”, says LSJ Adviser, Kyla Mayer. “The Gap Year Panel provides... Read more
October 15, 2018
By Emma York, LSJ Communications Student Assistant  Research by LSJ faculty can serve not only to bring attention to disparities in our legal system, but to manifest in criminal justice reform.  Sometimes, such research can even help make history. Take, for example, the recent work by LSJ Professor Katherine Beckett, which proved to be consequential in Washington’s landmark death penalty ruling. On October 11, the Washington State Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision deeming the death... Read more
October 11, 2018
By Emma York, LSJ Communications Student Assistant LSJ faculty are driven to conduct research not only to satisfy their intellectual curiosity, but to try to make an impact in the world.  As an example, take the recent work of LSJ Assistant Professor Stephen Meyers. Meyers, who also has an appointment in the Jackson School of International Studies, recently co-authored a report for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).  The report, which Meyers wrote with Megan McCloskey, a graduate... Read more
During an end-of-quarter giving ceremony, the class celebrated with representatives of the chosen organizations.
July 16, 2018
Story By Nancy Joseph Director of Publications | College of Arts and Sciences  This spring, the Law, Societies & Justice Department partnered with the Philanthropy Lab foundation to teach LSJ 490A: Social Justice through Philanthropy. Through the Philanthropy Lab’s generous grant of $50,000, students in the class learned about global giving, solicited and evaluated proposals and ultimately allocated grants to Seattle-based international non-governmental organizations engaged in... Read more
June 12, 2018
Dear LSJ Alumnus: As you likely remember, we require each LSJ major to take our internship course.  As you also likely remember, we ask each student to analyze the organization where they worked, and to reflect on what they gained from the experience. One of the most moving conclusions to any of those analyses arrived not too long ago from Shaila Bolger, one of the members of our graduating class of 2018.  She described her work at Mary’s Place, which provides shelter and other services to... Read more