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LSJ Major Clara Manahan addresses the UW Foundation Board
Law, Societies, and Justice was provided an opportunity recently to present to the University of Washington's Foundation Board, which is composed of individuals "committed to increasing the level of private giving to the UW."  Professor Herbert described the Program's history and emphases, and LSJ major Clara Manahan outlined the impact of her LSJ coursework on her life and future trajectory.  Her moving and heartfelt speech earned her a standing ovation.  Because it so poignantly illustrates the value of an LSJ education, we include its full text here:
Angela Rye
By Medha Raman | LSJ Communications Assistant  UW has been home to a number of notable alumni, from martial arts icon Bruce Lee to Jeopardy! legend Ken Jennings. In the modern political sphere, few are more influential than political commentator, analyst, and attorney Angela Rye.
Bryce McKibben
By Starla Sampaco | LSJ Communications Assistant The Law, Societies, and Justice Program seeks to provide a great foundation for students who will eventually pursue careers in law, social justice and government. It is no surprise that several LSJ alumni have relocated to the other Washington -- Washington, D.C. Four recent alumni from LSJ are busy establishing themselves in D.C.’s active but confusing world of work and public service.  They each have numerous suggestions for how future LSJ graduates can emulate them.
Ryan Dreveskracht
By Medha Raman | LSJ Communications Assistant  Photos by Alexa Sinclair Photography In recent years, jail deaths in Washington State have been on the rise. With the country moving away from psychiatric institutions in the 70s and 80s, jails have now become home to a large number of those who suffer from mental illness. Without proper medical facilities, training, and independent oversight within the jails, many of these individuals don’t receive treatment and eventually die in the care of the jails.
Alums speak at Career Night Panel
By Medha Raman | LSJ Communications Assistant  Photos by Alexa Sinclair Photography For many college students, the thought of graduation is fear-inducing. After years of carefully scheduled classes and activities, having to step out into the unknown without a safety net can be scary.
Professor Michael McCann on an episode of Adam Ruins Everything
By Medha Raman | LSJ Communications Assistant   While many at UW know Professor Michael McCann for his role in the creation of the Law, Societies, and Justice program, his success extends much further. Last December, McCann was featured in an episode of the popular web series, Adam Ruins Everything, as an expert on the truth behind the McDonalds Hot Coffee Case.
LSJ alumni and current students mingling at the program launch
By Medha Raman | LSJ Communications Assistant  Photos by Alexa Sinclair Photography LSJ alumni and students alike gathered on January 18 in the Walker Ames Room to launch LSJ’s second annual mentorship program. The event served as a space for alumni mentors and student mentees to meet and get to know each other over delicious refreshments. This year’s program welcomed 27 mentor pairings, more than double last year’s amount.
LSJ Alumni return to campus to serve on LSJs annual Gap Year Panel
By Starla Sampaco | LSJ Communications Assistant  Some students may feel confident in their decisions to go straight to law school or graduate school after graduating from college. But that isn’t the case for everyone. If you are thinking about going to graduate school but are unsure about the next steps to take after graduating, you are not alone. Taking gap years might be a good option to consider.
Professor Ann Frost in front of Smith Hall
By Medha Raman With growing interest in the LSJ major, the department introduced several new faculty members last year, one of which was full-time lecturer, Ann Frost.  Professor Frost works with both the LSJ and Sociology Departments, focusing on issues within the criminal justice system. Her research focuses on racial disparities and the use of racial language in the War on Drugs.
Happy 15th  Anniversary to the Law, Societies, and Justice Program
Story By Medha Raman Photos By Alexa Sinclair The sounds of melodious music, animated conversations, and joyful celebration floated in the air on October 20th, as LSJ alumni of all ages gathered together to commemorate the program’s 15th anniversary. The celebration, held at the recently opened wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ – Intellectual House, was complete with appetizers, beer and wine, student musicians, speeches, and new LSJ merchandise.