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LSJ Director Steve Herbert engages in discussion with a panel of attorneys, public defenders, and documentary filmmakers about the Netflix series "Making a Murderer". The group had a conversation about the criminal process in the United States.
Originally appeared in The Daily by Brendan Gerrity They could not agree on whether or not he was guilty, but they could say one thing unanimously: There was something wrong. Thursday afternoon, the Law, Societies, and Justice (LSJ) Program hosted a panel on the documentary “Making a Murderer,” which debuted on Netflix in December.
Shweta Jayawardhan wins Mary Gates Research Scholarship for her Law, Societies & Justice (LSJ) honors thesis on climate change-induced migration.
By Starla Sampaco, LSJ Communications Assistant Senior Shweta Jayawardhan said she was surprised to learn she had won a Mary Gates Research Scholarship for her Law, Societies & Justice (LSJ) honors thesis on climate change-induced migration. A committee of faculty and student service specialists selected Jayawardhan’s project based on several criteria, including the depth of its research and its long-term impacts.
Kathryn Joy, a Law, Societies and Justice and French major, talks with inmate Art Longworth, who was convicted of aggravated murder and is serving life without parole, as they work during a UW mixed-enrollment class at... (Sy Bean/The Seattle Times)
A University of Washington professor has taught inmates and undergraduates together in the Monroe state prison, which enriches the experience for both.
Bryce Ellis stands in front of the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama with his parents
It took Bryce Ellis and his mother three and a half days to travel from Seattle to Montgomery, Alabama.  That arduous journey proved well worth it. Ellis went to Montgomery to intern at the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI), a nonprofit organization that provides legal representation to defendants and prisoners of marginalized backgrounds.
'97 SoJu alumna hires 2014 LSJ graduate
The passage of time does not lessen the value of an education in Law, Societies, and Justice.  Unsurprisingly, the same holds true for LSJ’s predecessor program, Society and Justice. Back In 1997, LSJ was Society and Justice, or SoJu, as it was commonly called.  Jennifer Creighton was an ambitious SoJu student who was graduated that year and was ready to take on the world. Now, 18 years later, she works as a Senior Project Manager in one of the fastest growing companies in the Puget Sound Region, Venture General Contracting.
LSJ alums from 2006 and 2013 mingle over happy hour drinks and silly photo ops.
On November 12th, over forty LSJ alumni, faculty, and staff gathered at The District Lounge for the first alumni happy hour of the year. Alumni graduating as far back as 1988 (when LSJ was formerly named 'SoJu', or 'Societies & Justice') gathered to swap memories of LSJ and to connect with friends and professors. As the first alumni event since June convocation, the event welcomed the Class of 2015 to the LSJ alumni network. Alums working in diverse career fields were able to mingle with more recent alums, discussing their work in law, non-profits, criminal justice, advocacy, and more.
DINA CABRERA: Here she is pictured shortly after the massacre she survived in El Salvador in the 1980s. PHILIPPE BOURGOIS
Seeking Justice for Survivors of a Massacre in El Salvador, the Center for Human Rights Is Suing the Agency Over Withholding Public Records by Ansel Herz Dina Cabrera, a mother and small farmer, believes there is blood on the hands of the Central Intelligence Agency—her own blood and the blood of hundreds of her neighbors from the rural community of Santa Marta, El Salvador.
Dear LSJ Alumni: It is wonderful time in the life of the Law, Societies, and Justice Program! 
New LSJ Advising Office in Smith M253
As of this fall, Law, Societies, and Justice has a new home! The program’s staff and faculty offices are now located in the Smith Hall Mezzanine, in between the 2nd and 3rd floors of Smith.
New LSJ Staff and Faculty Stephen Meyers, Alex Lynch, and Marilyn Cope
The recent growth of the Law, Societies, and Justice Program is no more evident than with the recent addition of three new positions. One faculty member and two new staff recently joined LSJ: Stephen Meyers as Assistant Professor, Alex Lynch as Academic Adviser, and Marilyn Cope as Administrator. Each of them will provide important support as LSJ continues to grow, enabling the program to better serve students, alumni, and the broader community.