LSJ to Focus on the Edward Sam Garcia Fund for Husky Giving Day in 2023

Submitted by Devon Pimentelli on

This year, the Law, Societies and Justice Department will focus its Husky Giving Day efforts on the newest of its endowed funds, the Edward Sam Garcia Fund for Undergraduate Support. This fund helps LSJ majors find and benefit from internships and work experiences, especially in justice-related areas. These opportunities are a crucial means by which our students connect the issues they are discussing in the classrooms with broader communities and set our students up to do the engaged, meaningful work so many want to do upon graduation. 

This focus on work and internship opportunities reflects the values and life of the person the fund commemorates, Ed Garcia. Ed grew up on the South Side of Chicago during the civil rights era and experienced poverty in his childhood. Knowing that hard work and education would be the key to improving his circumstances, he commuted an hour by public bus to attend a better high school and later joined the Air Force. Ultimately, Ed attained a career in private equity real estate and was passionate about his family and spending time outdoors.

After his passing, his wife and UW employee, Calina Garcia, was searching for a way to honor him that fit his personality and she found LSJ.

“I liked that it was interdisciplinary so it was people from all walks of life, all interests, coming together and examining the role of law, society, and justice,” Calina said.

“Ed was very ambitious, a creative thinker, and he liked seeing that in other people,” Calina said. “He was a problem-solver and always asked himself how he could make a difference.”

If you would like to donate to the Sam Edward Garcia Fund for Undergraduate Student Support, you can do so here.