LSJ's Professor Godoy Recognized for Scholarly Achievement

Submitted by Sasha M. Lee on

By Sasha Lee

Congratulations to Professor Angelina Godoy for being recognized by the Latino Center for Health (LCH) at the University of Washington for her outstanding scholarly achievements in the area of human and immigrant rights! The LCH integrates academia, community-building, and information-sharing to support the well-being of Latinx faculty, staff and students on campus as well as the state of Washington. Each year the Center holds a Latinx Faculty Recognition Event to highlight the efforts of faculty on all three campuses towards this mission.

This year, Angelina Godoy received recognition for her recent publication, The Fight for Human Rights Begins at Home, which explores the colonial roots of state care and its impact on the detention of migrant children today. As Helen A. Jackson Chair in Human Rights and Director of the Human Rights Center, Godoy leads a variety of human rights-related projects that document crimes against humanity, pursue accountability for war crimes and other atrocities, and shed light on human rights violations in the state of Washington. Additionally, as a Professor in both the Law, Societies, and Justice and International Studies Departments, she challenges students to expand the concept and application of human rights, to understand their role in our domestic and global institutions, and to consider how best to hold those who violate human rights accountable for the harm they cause.

Congratulations again from the Department of Law, Societies, and Justice for this honor!