Summer Newsletter 2014

Dear LSJ Alumni: It was no small thing for me to enter a prison with a group of undergraduates. But there I was back in January, with 15 LSJ majors, getting ready to enter the Washington State Reformatory in Monroe. We were there for the University of Washington’s first-ever “mixed enrollment” course, where UW students and inmate students would take an entire class together in the same classroom. I was eager for this course, in large part because I knew that the LSJ students would make the most… Read more
The Law, Societies, and Justice Program continues to host successful “Day of Service”. This year, the Program added another such event, due to widespread interest. First, and for the third straight year, a group of LSJ alumni, faculty and current students spent a February Saturday lending a helping hand to the Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC). DESC provides both temporary and permanent housing to Seattle’s homeless community and works to transition people who are living on the streets… Read more
On Monday, June 3rd the 2013-14 Law, Societies, and Justice honors class invited students and faculty alike to view the culmination of their work with a video presentation followed by a discussion of the project and its implications. This year Professor Angelina Godoy led the LSJ honors class, which focused on issues of immigration and deportation within Washington State. The class mainly took place during fall and winter quarter, but the scope of the project proved to be larger than the… Read more
What do you do with an LSJ degree? While college is a time to expand perspectives and broaden horizons, most students are also concerned about the practical professional implications of their time in school. The question of what to do with a college degree can be a daunting one, so the Law, Societies, and Justice Program invited students to join a panel of LSJ alumni to hear stories about their diverse career paths and how to capitalize on different professional opportunities. The six panelists… Read more
When the average person imagines life in prison, college-level education is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. During winter quarter, 15 LSJ students were given the unique opportunity to take Professor Herbert’s Law, Justice, and the Environment class at the Monroe Correctional Complex with 12 University Beyond Bars students who are currently serving time in the prison. Once a week, the UW students would drive out to Monroe, go through a multitude of security checks, and have… Read more
Law, Societies, and Justice received some happy news recently: faculty member Angelina Godoy was named 2014’s recipient of the University of Washington’s Outstanding Public Service Award. Professor Godoy is the second straight LSJ faculty member to receive the award for Outstanding Public Service, following Professor Katherine Beckett in 2013. Professor Godoy is certainly well deserving of the award, given that she has demonstrated a long pattern of engaged scholarship and action. She began her… Read more
The University of Washington Law School annually awards five students with full ride scholarships to the William H. Gates Public Service Law Program. The Gates Scholarship is somewhat unique in that it requires the recipients to work in the public service field for at least five years following their graduation. The Scholarship is designed to cover tuition, books, other normal fees imposed for University and UW School of Law enrollment, and costs of room, board, and incidental expenses. Sarah… Read more