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Recent LSJ 401 Internship Placements

This list is only a starting point; your internship site does not have to be on this list. Think as broadly as possible by considering all the various topics faculty have covered in LSJ classes. If you can see yourself writing a paper that ties together things you discussed in class with any organization you are considering, then it might work for LSJ 401. Feel free to email the LSJ adviser if you are unsure about whether or not a certain possibility will work for LSJ 401.

Note about Interning at Private Law Firms:

Students wishing to intern with private law firms are encouraged to do so for experience, connections, and to understand the daily practice of lawyers. However, private law firms are often seeking interns who have finished the first year or two of law school. Therefore, as an undergraduate student, you should make sure that you will be able to actually participate in an experience that will not be limited to basic clerical duties like: filing, answering phones, running for coffee, and making copies. Remember that you are looking for an experience that you can analyze at an academic level and put into conversation with the ideas explored in your LSJ classes.

Note about Background Checks:

Many internships–especially those with police departments, detention centers, and prisons–will require background checks. Some background checks are simple and some require months to complete. Plan accordingly.

Courts and Probation Services


Government and Law

Non-Governmental Organizations- Social Service and Rights

Internship Resources

In addition to speaking with the LSJ Adviser, LSJ alumni, and LSJ Peers, these search engines can be helpful places to look. Remember that the best approach is to start by locating specific locations that interest you rather than immediately searching for posted internship openings.

United Way of King County (

VolunteerMatch (

Idealist (

UW Handshake (

UW Carlson Center’s Public Service Opportunity Bulletin (

Looksharp (InternMatch) ( list of agencies (