Internship Process

LSJ 401 Internship Policies

  • Only declared LSJ majors may enroll in LSJ 401.
  • Beginning AUT 2023, LSJ 401 will ONLY be offered during Spring quarter.
  • The LSJ 401 internship site does not have to be in the Greater Seattle Area. See the LSJ Adviser to make arrangements for an out-of-state internship or an internship abroad.
  • The LSJ 401 internship can be paid or unpaid. 
  • All internships must receive approval from the LSJ Adviser prior to enrollment in LSJ 401.
  • Students will only be enrolled in LSJ 401 after the Adviser has received all required paperwork.
  • Some LSJ majors may want to use hours accrued to meet an internship requirement in another major/minor toward the LSJ 401 internship requirement. This is allowable, but only under specific circumstances. Contact the LSJ Adviser for full details of this policy.

Internship Placement Process

  • Determine the quarter in which you will complete your internship. Begin goal setting and planning for your internship a minimum of 2 quarters in advance.
  • Think about the goals you want to accomplish through your internship. What skills and experiences do you want to gain? What LSJ-related topics do you want to explore in a professional setting? What type of an environment do you want to work in?
  • Use the resources we send through the lsjmajors listserv, on this webpage, Handshake, the LSJ Adviser, your LSJ peers, LSJ alumni, and your own professional network to research potential internship locations that match your goals. Start by looking for organizations that match your interests, not just places that have internship postings. Some organizations are very willing to create an internship if they don’t have one posted. Generate a list of 5-10 locations you are interested in. Resources from the Career & Internship Center, including internship fairs, are useful for our students - particularly this Finding Internships Video.
  • Set up an advising appointment to discuss your internship goals and the sites you are considering. The LSJ Advisers can provide you with direct contact information and application instructions for locations you are considering that LSJ students have interned with in the past.
  • Apply to posted internships and reach out to locations that interest you but do not have posted positions.
  • Email or meet with the LSJ Advisers for final approval of your selected internship site before accepting an offer.
  • Finalize your schedule and position description with your internship site.
  • View step-by-step process below on how to submit internship experience through Handshake and register for LSJ 401.
  • Complete all LSJ 401 course requirements to receive credit.
    • Students are required to complete 100 hours of service in an internship or volunteer position for the LSJ 401 course. In addition to these hours worked in the field, students are expected to complete an analytical paper, and submit evaluations.


How Do I Register for LSJ 401?

As a reminder, you can only register for LSJ 401 during Spring Quarter. To register for LSJ 401, please ensure that you have had a conversation with either Jonathan Fincher or Kat Eli to discuss your potential internship. Once it has been approved, please submit this form for review. 


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