LSJ Launches Second Annual Mentorship Program

By Medha Raman | LSJ Communications Assistant 

Photos by Alexa Sinclair Photography

LSJ alumni and students alike gathered on January 18 in the Walker Ames Room to launch LSJ’s second annual mentorship program.

The event served as a space for alumni mentors and student mentees to meet and get to know each other over delicious refreshments. This year’s program welcomed 27 mentor pairings, more than double last year’s amount.

The mentorship program seeks to match students with mentors who share similar interests and career paths. Through the mentorship, students will learn more about the range of potential career opportunities available to LSJ graduates, develop their professional skills, and create connections with others in their field of interest.

“I think that this is a great networking opportunity and that these relationships will significantly help shape our future trajectories,” said Betsy Byra, a junior LSJ major.

For mentors, the program is a way to stay connected to the LSJ department in a meaningful fashion.

“To me, the purpose is to give back and provide guidance,” said 2004 graduate Hiedi Popochock. “When I was younger, I had people that gave me that guidance that I needed and I want to do that for others. So that’s why I look forward to this program.”

For his part, LSJ Director Steve Herbert was gratified to see so many alumni willing to help support current LSJ students. 

“It was really wonderful just standing to the side and watching the conversations unfold across the room,” Herbert said.  “It was a stirring testament to the supportive community that is Law, Societies, and Justice.”



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