LSJ Annual Newsletter: 2016-2017

By Medha Raman | LSJ Communications Assistant  Most students consider failure to be fatal, especially when it comes to their future careers. However, even the most successful people have their fair share of failures.  Learning to grow from failure, to cope with new challenges, and to employ resilience in the face of obstacles are all an essential part of being successful. A new LSJ Seminar, “Learning from Failure: Lessons from LSJ Alumni” brought these ideas to the forefront by inviting one LSJ… Read more
The room was hushed, the audience was transfixed.  The student speaker, Clara Manahan, was describing how deeply her LSJ education had impacted her.  “In the Law, Societies, and Justice Program,” she said, “you find a community of individuals who have committed themselves to caring, even when it hurts.” Clara was addressing the University of Washington’s Foundation Board. The Board is composed of individuals who are dedicated to ensuring a sufficiently high level of philanthropic giving to… Read more
Law, Societies, and Justice was provided an opportunity recently to present to the University of Washington's Foundation Board, which is composed of individuals "committed to increasing the level of private giving to the UW."  Professor Herbert described the Program's history and emphases, and LSJ major Clara Manahan outlined the impact of her LSJ coursework on her life and future trajectory.  Her moving and heartfelt speech earned her a standing ovation.  Because it so poignantly illustrates… Read more
By Medha Raman | LSJ Communications Assistant  Photos by Alexa Sinclair Photography LSJ alumni and students alike gathered on January 18 in the Walker Ames Room to launch LSJ’s second annual mentorship program. The event served as a space for alumni mentors and student mentees to meet and get to know each other over delicious refreshments. This year’s program welcomed 27 mentor pairings, more than double last year’s amount. The mentorship program seeks to match students with mentors who share… Read more
By Medha Raman | LSJ Communications Assistant  UW has been home to a number of notable alumni, from martial arts icon Bruce Lee to Jeopardy! legend Ken Jennings. In the modern political sphere, few are more influential than political commentator, analyst, and attorney Angela Rye. Rye is a UW LSJ alum (class of 2002) and graduate of Seattle University Law School. Since graduation, she has served as the executive director and general counsel to the Congressional Black Caucus, functioned as Senior… Read more
By Medha Raman | LSJ Communications Assistant  Diversion is a popular option for prosecutors seeking to keep youths out of detention. Instead of jail, youth might be asked to perform community service or otherwise seek to improve their selves or their circumstances. But are there patterns in which kids get diversion opportunities, and whether they complete them? These were the questions that challenged 11 LSJ students involved with the 2016-2017 group honors project.  They focused on juvenile… Read more
By Medha Raman | LSJ Communications Assistant   While many at UW know Professor Michael McCann for his role in the creation of the Law, Societies, and Justice program, his success extends much further. Last December, McCann was featured in an episode of the popular web series, Adam Ruins Everything, as an expert on the truth behind the McDonalds Hot Coffee Case. The process began about a year ago when McCann received an email request to appear on the show. The series, which aims to… Read more
By Medha Raman | LSJ Communications Assistant  The Law, Societies, and Justice program held its annual convocation for the Class of 2017 on Thursday, June 8th. The ceremony began at Kane Hall where each graduate was called up to the stage by a faculty member, who read out the student’s future plans or favorite LSJ memory. Several LSJ students shared fond memories of classes, study abroads, and connections with faculty and classmates, while others spoke to their future plans of law school or… Read more