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Michael McCann, Laboring for Civil Rights at the Intersection of Race and Class: Reconsidering the Legacy of A. Philip Randolph. Book in progress, solicited by Polity Press. Expected publication in 2023 Publications, Books Activism, African American, American, Class, Critical Theory, History, Labor, Race and Ethnicity
Michael McCann and Filiz Kahraman, “The Interdependence of Authoritarian and Liberal Legalities in Racial Capitalist Regimes.” With Filiz Kahraman. Article solicited for Annual Review of Law and Social Science. 2021. Publications, Essays, Articles, and Book Chapters African American, American Indian/Native American, Critical Theory, Immigration, Incarceration, Justice, Political Economy, Punishment
“How States Justify Internment: The Case of Northern Ireland.” Sarah Dreier, Emily Gade, and Michael McCann. Funded by NSF grant. Planned submission to Law & Society Review, summer 2020. Publications, Essays, Articles, and Book Chapters Activism, Civil Rights, Comparative Law, Crime and Criminality, Critical Theory, Incarceration, Justice, Punishment
William Haltom and Michael McCann, “When Might Claims of ‘Too Much Litigation’ Be Other than Political Sloganeering?”. With William Haltom. Forthcoming in Onati Socio-Legal Series, 2020 Publications, Essays, Articles, and Book Chapters Critical Theory, Culture, Law, Litigation, Political Economy
Michael McCann, with George I. Lovell. Union by Law: Filipino American Labor Activists, Rights Radicalism, and Racial Capitalism. With George Lovell. University of Chicago Press. 512 pp. In cloth and paper, April, 2020.  Publications, Books Activism, Civil Rights, Class, Critical Theory, Human Rights, Labor, Political Economy, Race and Ethnicity