Attitudes on the Gender of Rape Victims

"Attitudes on the Gender of Rape Victims". Law, Societies, and Justice Honors Thesis, 2020.

When someone talks about rape, the male perpetrator-female victim paradigm is what comes to mind. While this is more commonly the case, it does not mean that the reverse scenario does not happen. However, because male perpetrators and female victims are considered the ‘norm’ in regards to rape, male victims often get forgotten or overlooked. Gender stereotypes, rape myths, and gendered rape laws play a role in the prevalence of the paradigm and the subsequent ignorance of different gendered perpetrators and victims. In my thesis, I discuss the impact of these three factors and evaluate an online survey on the attitudes towards male victims of rape and an interview with a victim advocate. In this way, I will strive to better understand how male victims are treated and perceived, why they are seen this way, and the impacts of this treatment.

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