Narrowing and Broadening Racial Identity

Nasrulai, Anusha. "Narrowing and Broadening Racial Identity: Exploring Middle Eastern American Immigrants’ Identity Formation Through a Social Race Construction Framework". Law, Societies & Justice, University of Washington, 2021.

The purpose of my research is to understand the development of the individual level Middle
Eastern American racial identity and establish the position of Middle Easterners in the U.S. racial
hierarchy. I examine first-generation Iranian American immigrants' individual experiences and
perceptions of racism and racial identity in the U.S. along with knowledge of race in Iran. My
findings support the application of a social race construction framework in immigration studies
because assimilation theory fails to account for disparate outcomes of racialized immigrant groups
and legitimizes the U.S. racial hierarchy through a colorblind lens. These theoretical tools are
valuable for civil organizing within the Middle Eastern American community for broader legal
protections and social awareness.

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