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Beckett Beckett Helps Make Washington History  October 15, 2018
asdf Meyers Co-authors United Nations Report on Young Persons with Disabilities October 11, 2018
LSJ Faculty Meeting Agenda - November October 2, 2018
During an end-of-quarter giving ceremony, the class celebrated with representatives of the chosen organizations. What To Do With $50K: A Lesson In Global Giving  July 16, 2018
Stephen Meyers speaking in Philanthropy What to Do with $50K: A Lesson in Global Giving July 1, 2018
Steve Letter from the Chair June 12, 2018
video Pathways from LSJ June 12, 2018
pic LSJ Alums and Students Find Home in Congresswoman’s Office May 31, 2018
Guillermo Undocumented Student Finds Support in LSJ Community May 25, 2018
Gates LSJ Alums Receive Prestigious Gates Scholarship February 28, 2018
LSJ 490 New Class Explores Experience of Incarceration January 8, 2018
Dolphy LSJ department screens ‘Life After Life’ December 1, 2017
Colleen Melody LSJ Alum Helps Contest Trump Actions November 29, 2017
kevin_truong.jpg LSJ Alum Creates College Access Non-Profit October 23, 2017
LSJ Staff Meet the new LSJ Staff! September 27, 2017
logo-1200x1200.png Exciting Departmental News from LSJ!  September 25, 2017
LSJ Alumni Matt Huang, Kyung Sun Park, and Manreet Singh pose for a photo with Alyssa Penner LSJ Bids Farewell to Academic Adviser Alyssa Penner September 1, 2017
Learning From Failure: Lessons From LSJ Alumni LSJ Offers New Seminar "Learning From Failure: Lessons from LSJ Alumni" June 5, 2017
Professor Steve Herbert Letter from the Director June 2, 2017
LSJ Graduates pose with their LSJ Pint Glasses Congratulations Class of 2017! May 22, 2017
LSJ Group Honors Presentation LSJ Group Honors Presents Research on Juvenile Diversion Programs May 5, 2017
LSJ Major Clara Manahan addresses the UW Foundation Board LSJ "tells the story of hope" May 1, 2017
Angela Rye A Conversation with Political Commentator Angela Rye April 9, 2017
Bryce McKibben Want to work in our nation’s capital? Read these tips from LSJ alums living in D.C. March 31, 2017
Ryan Dreveskracht Members of the LSJ Community Work to Address Jail Deaths in Washington State February 22, 2017